Learning in 2011

my counterbalance loom

To get me started weaving, I took a series of 6 classes from a wonderful teacher in his 80s at the McKean County Museum in Smethport, PA. I haven’t taken a class since; all my learning has been on my own, gleaning what I can from blogs, books, and online weaving […]

I’m Weaving for a Nice Christmas

Like lots of folks around the country and around the world, I don’t have much expendable income this year. I’m struggling to pay my bills each month. So it was simply not an option for me to do my usual Christmas buying. Admittedly, I generally overspend, buying lots more than is reasonable, but not this […]

Borrowed Loom

I love my little, vintage, handmade, counterbalance loom. It’s quiet, it’s easy to operate, and it pleases me greatly. It does have its limitations, however. One being that it has a maximum weaving width of 26″, resulting in a finished maximum width of about 23″. That’s why I figured how to do the doubleweave, so […]