Custom Weaving Scarves

Unlike most weavers that I know, I am happy to do custom weaving for people. Last year I made a very bulky organic cotton scarf for a woman with multiple chemical sensitivities. This year she wanted to order a few more scarves, but in a lighter weight for when it’s cold, but not freezing. She […]

More Bulky Organic Cotton

By the time I had the scarf and hat done for my customer with the chemical sensitivities, I was really into working with that thick, soft, warm yarn. So I had to weave something else!

I warped the loom for only 2 scarves. I had a show coming up that I wanted to bring them […]

Weaving with Organic Cotton

I’ve tried making handwoven scarves with organic cotton before, and wasn’t happy with the results. I know now that some of that was due to my (lack of) weaving skills, that I wasn’t using the colorgrown organic cotton to its best advantage. I also know that some of it was simply the materials, and the […]

Christmas Weaving Revealed

Now that all the weaving gifts have been opened, I can share with you what I made this year for family and friends. You already saw the handwoven rayon chenille throw that I made for my friends. This was the last gift finished and opened. First opened (but not necessarily first finished) were the scarves […]

Borrowed Loom

I love my little, vintage, handmade, counterbalance loom. It’s quiet, it’s easy to operate, and it pleases me greatly. It does have its limitations, however. One being that it has a maximum weaving width of 26″, resulting in a finished maximum width of about 23″. That’s why I figured how to do the doubleweave, so […]