More Bulky Organic Cotton

By the time I had the scarf and hat done for my customer with the chemical sensitivities, I was really into working with that thick, soft, warm yarn. So I had to weave something else!

I warped the loom for only 2 scarves. I had a show coming up that I wanted to bring them to, and was pressed for time, so figured I could get 2 scarves on and off. Here they are.
handwoven bulky organic cotton scarves
Truth be told, I think I like the original custom scarf, woven in a simply plain weave, houndstooth pattern, better than these. I know I like the fiber better than many of my customers. They are soooooo soft & warm, they make me just want to cuddle up with them. But you don’t know that if you don’t touch them. And you won’t touch them if you’re too attracted by the sheen of rayon chenille, or the lightness of cashmere & silk, or….well, you get the picture. Anyway, the bulky organic cotton scarves didn’t sell at that show, so I did subsequently get them up on my website.

After I wove the two scarves I had quite a bit of warp left, and couldn’t let it go to waste, so I decided to try my hand at some wrist warmers. The concept is this…you have veins very close to the skin on your wrists. That’s why you put perfume there – the natural warmth of your wrists, because of those veins, warms the perfume and scents the air. When you’re really hot in the summer, rub an ice cube over your wrists; it’ll rapidly cool the blood and cool you off. But in the winter, if your wrists are cold, the rest of you will likely be cold, too. So get your wrists warm and that warmth will spread. Makes sense, eh?
handwoven wrist warmers

I found some really lovely vintage crocheted frog closures online that I couldn’t resist, but only enough for 2 of the 3 pairs of wrist warmers I made. I used vintage buttons for the third pair, and crocheted the button loops. Here’s a closeup of the closures. (Ignore the fact that I haven’t yet trimmed the thread I sewed them on with.)
vintage crocheted frog closures

Your turn: what do you cover first when you’re chilly? Me? I reach for a scarf.

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