2 more batches of socks

I like the socks I hand painted in soft green and blue, although to my mind they are not as unique or as fun as the shibori socks.

For this next batch of socks I wanted red. But I got dark orange. Unlike 99% of my photos of red things, these socks look more […]

Lots more socks

I’ve been having fun shibori-dyeing socks. Been doing one or two batches a day. 🙂 Without further ado, here are my results since last post, in the order in which I dyed them.

I really like this blue. And I’m very fond of how those circles from the cones are showing up on the darker […]

Sage socks

I came back from the Chautauqua show pleased with my sales. I know I want to make a few more mobius before my next show, but I have 5 weeks+, so I’m not pressured.

I spent Monday basically resting and recovering, physically and mentally. On Tuesday I put everything away and thought about my […]

One more thing

How is there always one more thing? I realized I never showed you my pin loom mug rugs.

All were woven with wool on my 4″ vintage Weave-It loom. The 6 on the bottom row hadn’t yet been fulled when I took this photo. And somehow 2 of the completed ones didn’t make the […]

I’m so ready

I don’t remember being this well prepared a few days in advance of prior shows. It’s a good thing, and I’m confident (ok, I’m hoping) that I haven’t forgotten some big prep thing that won’t occur to me till mid-day on Thursday.

My finished pieces are all tagged, marked, and in their bins. (More bins […]