I’m so ready

I don’t remember being this well prepared a few days in advance of prior shows. It’s a good thing, and I’m confident (ok, I’m hoping) that I haven’t forgotten some big prep thing that won’t occur to me till mid-day on Thursday.

My finished pieces are all tagged, marked, and in their bins. (More bins that usual, as those bigger pieces take up a lot of room – much more than a scarf or shawl.)

bins loaded with finished products

My rigid heddle loom is set up, all except tying to the front apron, which I won’t do till I’m there to ensure even tension.

rigid heddle loom threaded

My electronics that can be charged in advance are charged. My list of what to bring is updated. I don’t think I can do anything else until Thursday morning. That’s when I’ll pack my clothes, pick up the rental van, proceed with the final loading, and head out.

Here’s where I’ll be this weekend. I hope if you’re in western New York you’ll stop by.

Ad for Chautauqua Craft Show

FYI, I’m only at the July show; I can’t weave enough to apply to both, and I do a different show in late August that I’m not willing to give up.

People shopping at craft show

I’m so prepared that I decided I’d scour a bunch of socks that I’ll dye – shibori and hand painting – when I return.

scouring socks in preparation for dyeing

I have 14 pair of adult crew socks, 9 pair of footies, 3 pair each of infant and toddler socks and 3 pair of children’s socks. Is that too many? Probably.

I’m approved to bring these socks to the August show. Even though there’s a fair amount of time spent, dyeing is SO MUCH quicker than weaving, and I know I won’t have much time to weave in the 5-6 weeks between shows.

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