Another View

Before I finished NP’s wrap I shot a picture with my cell phone while I was sitting at the loom throwing the shuttle. I thought it would show more action than it does. I guess I’d need a video to do that. I like it anyway.

Right now both RA & NP’s wraps are […]

Handmade Holiday, part 2

I just can’t get enough of the look of a new warp as it’s wound on the back beam, and this one for RA & NP is no exception. Their shared baby wrap warp is on my loom now. Here you can see both sides of the wrap as it passes over the cloth […]

Handmade Holiday, part 1

By now everyone for whom I made Christmas gifts has received them, so I can show you. I decided to go with the order in which I made them.

First is a knitted baby blanket for my grandson, RCA, who will likely be born within the next 2-1/2 weeks. The request, from his big brother, […]

Last wrap of the year

RA and NP have been patiently waiting through the holiday enjoyment and preparation for their wraps to get onto my loom. Here you go, moms!

Choosing five colors for her warp, RA worked carefully, and her choices just couldn’t be better. Every one of her colors works just perfectly with the color next to […]

New aprons

An apron isn’t just something you wear when you cook. In the weaving world, an apron is a piece of sturdy cloth that’s important to the functioning of your loom. A month ago I showed you the worn out, ripped apron on my Macomber. Instead of buying fabric and making new aprons, I took […]