Jack reaches out

I’ll be clear…I never wanted a dog that needed clothes. Red, my last little guy, did need boots when the temps dropped below about 15 degrees F, but his feet were the only thing that got cold. In fact, he’d usually sleep right by the door regardless of the outside temperature.

Jack? Not so […]

All wrapped up

I met my goals for today. I got photos taken of all the things I made (some better quality than others, but you can’t see any of them anyway). I got ALL of my Christmas wrapping done. Presents under the tree for my celebration here with my son.

And presents that I’ll take somewhere […]

Done and done

It’s been more than a week since I finished weaving the warp for KG and me, but I didn’t finish the off-loom work and get them in the mail until today! Some of that was because of an agreement KG and I had reached about timing. Then, since I was working on Christmas gifts […]


No pix today, but lots of work. I got the warp that I planned last night wound, beamed, threaded, and woven!!!

One more 4+ yard warp to go for Christmas presents. I got it planned tonight, but I’ll be lucky to get it wound and beamed tomorrow since I have some other commitments.

And […]

Going great guns

Once more I’m forced to black & white since I’m working on Christmas presents. But I’m really happy with this warp. Yesterday, amidst other things, I planned, measured, and beamed a 4+ yard warp, starting the threading. Today I finished threading and wove it all.

Tonight I planned the next 4 yard warp. […]