Done and done

KG's wraps, light and dark wefts

It’s been more than a week since I finished weaving the warp for KG and me, but I didn’t finish the off-loom work and get them in the mail until today! Some of that was because of an agreement KG and I had reached about timing. Then, since I was working on Christmas gifts I put the last steps for KG on the back burner. Suddenly, OMG, I needed ‘wrap up’ those wraps and get them mailed! So this afternoon I pressed, labeled, photographed, and packaged, and made it to the post office 15 minutes before they closed.

I took advantage of the late day natural light to show the colors realistically for the two wraps, one with a white weft and one with charcoal.

Then I wanted to get another shot of them rolled, and tried shooting them on the castle of my loom. I think it worked reasonably well, and it’s much easier to see the colors and detail than in the first photo.

KG's wraps, rolled and ready to go

I haven’t totally figured out what I’ll do with the pieces I wove for myself, but I won’t be doing anything with them till after the holidays, so no worries.

I am now officially done making Christmas presents. Tomorrow I’ll use the natural light to photograph all the things I made, but the big reveal online won’t happen till after 12/25.

Tomorrow I’ll also start wrapping, since we’re celebrating Christmas with my sisters on Sunday. I’ll also do the next steps in making my sample Italian bread, since that’s my assignment for Christmas dinner. Depending on how things go I may also make a batch of my grandmother’s date nut bread, a Christmas tradition for giving.

Sound like too much for one day? It may be. I’ll be happy if my Italian bread turns out well and I get things photographed and wrapped. The date nut bread can wait till Saturday. I also want to get packages out to my niece, nephew, and friends on Saturday. Hmmmm….maybe I better focus on wrapping and those packages on Friday, since Saturday PO hours are short.

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