All wrapped up

presents under the tree
I met my goals for today. I got photos taken of all the things I made (some better quality than others, but you can’t see any of them anyway). I got ALL of my Christmas wrapping done. Presents under the tree for my celebration here with my son.

And presents that I’ll take somewhere else for celebrations.
wrapped presents

I also got the presents wrapped and out the door for 4 boxes that needed to be mailed. Nothing is left to wrap. I hung our stockings several days ago, and now I have all the things I need for stocking stuffers.

stockings hung

I got the Italian bread baked.

Italian bread

I definitely like the look of 3 diagonal slashes better than the long slash. The bread has a nice texture, but I like a crunchier crust. I fumbled as I was putting the bread in the over and making steam, and let too much heat out. Oh well. Better luck next time.

I may still bake a batch of date nut bread this evening. Or not. Tomorrow all I have to do is donate blood in the morning and babysit in the evening. There’s plenty of time to bake 3 batches of bread in between. Once that’s done, all my Christmas prep will be complete.

Except the waiting. Waiting for Santa always gets me excited. Santa

4 comments to All wrapped up

  • It all looks like you’ve had a half a dozen elves helping there is so much wrapped and ready! I have not started wrapping the gifts that didn’t get sent out into the world early.
    You know, you can track Santa. I do every year!

  • Judy T

    What a fun post Peg! I love seeing your new house all decorated up for Christmas… everything looks so festive and shows how much fun you’ve been having getting ready for the holidays. It’ll be great getting together! I’m with you… the wait for Santa always gets me excited too…

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks for reminding me about NoradSanta, Theresa. I’ve never done it…maybe I will this year.

    I do love the holiday, Judy, and it’s so sweet to be able to decorate my new home. 🙂

  • Alma

    Peg – I can certainly vouch for the one handmade Christmas gift I’ve seen so far. What a lovely towel! Sometimes I use yours for drying needs, other times they become bibs. I’m always sorry to see food schmutz on them, but generally they wash very clean!

    You do such wonderful work!

    Thanks again!!

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