August Catch Up

I have no idea how two weeks goes by so quickly! I thought for sure I’d posted since August 10, but apparently not.

So I’ll play catch up here, and show you several finished pieces, all of which were completed prior to my participation in the Chautauqua Crafts Alliance a few weeks ago.

I really […]

Color Blocks Scarves

Late last month I showed the twill block scarves I wove with silk on a gray warp. They were successful, but didn’t have as much contrast as I was looking for.

So I tried the concept again, this time with a white bamboo warp and three different colors of bamboo weft.

The first one […]

Dolly Gets A Leg Up

Doh! Sometimes my dopiness just amazes me.

My wonderful sister, who gave me Dolly, read my post about her and called me. Why did I need to fashion something for her to stand on? I explained that she wouldn’t balance on the 2″ diameter circle at the bottom of the pipe.

When she bought it, […]

Rusty’s O

Here’s an adorable picture of my new grandson. I love this little O face!

Bamboo Cotton Scarves

Here’s my next batch of three scarves. All were woven with a variegated weft handpainted by Tammy at Yarntopia Treasures in a colorway she calls North Shore – greens and purples. I’ve used this blend before in rayon chenille and in bamboo, and always liked it. This time I ordered it in her bamboo cotton […]