Stop me before I dig again

Despite what I said on Wednesday, the weather Thursday was so beautiful that I had to go out and work in the yard. Besides, with rain coming, it only made sense to get some things in the ground, didn’t it?!

So first I dug up this small plot. Previously it held only violets, and it’s […]

1 down, 1 to go

Before I had to leave to take Jack to advanced dog class (yes, we’ve gone beyond puppy class) on Tuesday evening I finished weaving LV’s baby wrap. With the natural cotton/hemp weft, every bit of Easter egg-y color is fully retained in this sweetly colored baby wrap.

Today I’ll start AT’s. Hers will look […]

How I spent my Easter vacation

I didn’t weave at all on Easter Sunday. But I do have a nice side shot of LV’s wrap, with a natural cotton/hemp weft, from my weaving on Saturday.

Instead, I started the day by giving Jack a springtime haircut. I intended to do before & after pix, but forgot the before so just […]

Spring Studio

I’ve been busy making my studio look like springtime, thanks to LV & AT.

As planned, on Thursday I started winding the warp for their custom baby wraps.

The colors, going from rose pale to jaune pale, then to vert pale, bleu pale and lilas, are so like Easter eggs.


Bit the bullet

After thinking about it for literally 3 months, on Friday I bit the bullet and put scissors to my handwoven fabric for the first time. I planned the warp in November and wove it in December, and then the fabric sat on my dresser waiting for me to get the nerve. And find a pattern […]