Stop me before I dig again

Despite what I said on Wednesday, the weather Thursday was so beautiful that I had to go out and work in the yard. Besides, with rain coming, it only made sense to get some things in the ground, didn’t it?!

So first I dug up this small plot. Previously it held only violets, and it’s location between my walkway and the neighbor’s fence seemed perfect for a few peas. They could climb on his fence and I could pick them right outside my door. Dig out violets, add leaf mulch, plant about 15 peas.

first pea plot

Then I thought, “Hmmm. Maybe it’s not really sunny enough there for peas. And since peas need something to climb on, why not plant right along your fence, on the opposite side of where the flower garden is? After all, it’s full sun there, for sure.” So that’s what I did.

2nd pea plot

Then I called my old country neighbor, a true farmer who grows most of the food for her family. I wanted Becky’s insight into when she puts potatoes and carrots into the ground. She confirmed what I remembered from prior conversations: put potatoes in now. If the tops freeze, it’s fine; in fact it makes the potatoes sweeter. The carrots have to wait a few weeks.

So I dug this area.

first potatoes

I only had a few organic potatoes with eyes in the kitchen, and made 8 or 9 sections of them. I’ve never grown potatoes before, and after I had all the work done, I was left with lots of doubt. I’m not at all sure that the area I dug is wide enough for potatoes to grow. But I planted them nonetheless. Then last night I was wondering to myself why I used my precious fence space for potatoes? After all, they’re not climbers like peas, nor do they need supports like tomatoes. Although I’d like to get more potatoes into the ground, probably next week, they won’t go next to my fence. I’ll save that space for tomatoes and/or sweet red peppers and/or ……?? I also want to plant some kale and lettuce, and think I’ll do that right out front in my flower garden, where there’s also full sun and plenty of space.

This morning, before I did my walk and Jack’s walk, I loaded my buckets into the car and went back and got more mulch. No big containers, just 6 five-gallon buckets. I believe I’ll have enough for all I want to do this year. At least I hope I will.

Needless to say with all that physical labor I didn’t get much weaving done. I did start AT’s wrap as planned. What a difference!

LV's to AT's wraps, natural to gray

And here I’ve compared the two wraps on a shot from under the loom. Reminder: LV’s wrap is woven with a natural weft, AT’s with a dark gray weft.

the back of LV & AT's wraps

I got quite a bit of weaving done today. Less than 70″ left to weave. Although I am tied up all morning, I may be able to get that woven tomorrow afternoon. If not it’ll have to wait till Monday, since I’m fully committed on both Saturday & Sunday.

8 comments to Stop me before I dig again

  • Jessica Seston


    I was wondering if you could tell me what size loom you have? I’m looking at a 4 harness 36″ loom and hoping that would be big enough for me to eventually weave my own wrap for myself.

    • Peg Cherre

      Hi, Jessica. I use an 8 harness Macomber loom, with a 32″ weaving width, to weave my baby wraps. A 4 harness loom with a 36″ weaving width will certainly be plenty of loom for your baby wrap. Enjoy!

    • Jessica Seston

      Thank you!

  • Amanda

    I have only seen Ryan’s dad plant potatoes. He absolutely plants about 2-3 feet apart and builds a hill, then covers with straw. My understanding is that the potatoes need pretty looks soil to grow in, especially if you want nice round ones. Loose soil mound and space are also key when you dig them up so you have shovel space and avoid chopping through too many of the tubers. All this from someone who’s never done it…

    • Peg Cherre

      Amanda – I do know that’s the standard way to plant potatoes. I thought I’d try with my ‘extra’ soil between the plants, since I don’t have rows. I may end up moving those potato pieces elsewhere….if I can develop the energy to dig enough to build a real row for potatoes – wide & deep.

  • Some serious gardening going on there! I’m just thinking about that wonderful bounty come summer.

    • Peg Cherre

      I have been busy. I, too, am looking forward to bounty. Unless, of course, the local squirrels/rabbits/chipmunks take too much for themselves. Or I didn’t plant the potatoes correctly. Or something else goes wrong. 😉 That’s what gardening is all about.

  • Alma

    Wow, have you been busy!

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