Santa Rusty

Amanda told me Rusty needs handmade hats for Christmas. And that he needs a Santa hat. I figured I’d better knit up the Santa hat by Thanksgiving, otherwise by Christmas time there’d be less chance to wear it.

I found the pattern here, and modified it to make it longer and put a bell on […]

Weaving for the Holidays

While certainly not exclusively for the holidays by any means, these handwoven cashmere & silk scarves are such a lovely, rich color, they make me think of the mid-winter holiday season. Hopefully people who come to either the Roycroft Winter Festival and my local Holiday Show think so, too.

I again tried a new […]

2 New Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Amid weaving in preparation for the Roycroft Winter Show, I did manage to get two new Victorian Christmas ornaments made.

I’ve always liked the ornaments that I make in a combination of silver & gold, and apparently my customers do, too, since I’ve sold them. So I started by making a new double swag ornament […]

Napkin Exchange – the Finale

I finally received my nine napkins in the International Napkin Exchange. I planned ahead and wove mine during my least busy months, sending them in months before they were due. So I had to wait a long time to get my return napkins.

My napkins came from relatively new weavers and weavers who’ve been weaving […]

Weaving with Steel

WHAT?! Weaving with steel?! Yeah, I was trying to be smart – not too successfully, I fear. Steel is the main color in the warp of this rayon chenille handwoven shawl.

I had an order for a custom shawl made predominantly from the Steel yarn, but I wound a few strands of Starlight in […]