2 New Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Amid weaving in preparation for the Roycroft Winter Show, I did manage to get two new Victorian Christmas ornaments made.

I’ve always liked the ornaments that I make in a combination of silver & gold, and apparently my customers do, too, since I’ve sold them. So I started by making a new double swag ornament using these two colors. It’s shown here on a matte finish gold ball.
silver & gold swag Victorian Christmas ornament

Then I wanted to make a super-fancy ornament. This didn’t reach that height for me – it’s a medium fancy. I used silver-lined clear beads and metallic mint green beads in this netted ornament. Like all my Victorian ornaments, the beading is a little jacket that can slip off and onto another glass ball to change the look or in case of breakage. Here it is on a dark green matte finish glass ball…
pale green fancy netting Victorian Christmas ornament

…and now on a shiny silver ball. (Unfortunately, you can see the reflection of my red kitchen table in the bottom of the ornament. I didn’t realize that until I sized the picture for the web.)
pale green fancy netting Victorian Christmas ornament

I doubt I’ll have time to make the super-fancy one I have in my mind, since there are many more scarves I want to weave. You’ll start seeing them soon.

Your turn: do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?

2 comments to 2 New Victorian Christmas Ornaments

  • Gerda

    Hello there.
    This is Holland. I started making Christmas ornaments after a visit to Canada, as I received some copies of a relative. Now I am looking for an (small) book with all kinds of different “models”. I looked on the internet, finding nothing sofar. Maybe you can help me to some titles or new patterns. I am willing to pay for them if neccesary.

    Best regards,
    Gerda Gardeniers
    Helmond, Holland.

    • Peg Cherre

      Gerda – I have one book and have gotten a few instructions of the internet. Once I got the basics, I make my own designs. My book is entitled The Beadecked Ornament by Laura Jensen — there are a few different books in this series. You can find some directions on eBay and Etsy. Here are a few links to free patterns on the net.
      Netted ornament cover

      Have fun!


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