Fixing Silver Bells

About a year ago a woman purchased one of my handwoven shawls. It was a hand painted relatively heavy rayon in a colorway called Silver Bells.

In May she brought it to one of my shows asking if I could fix a hole that happened in the shawl. She had no idea what caused the […]

Tag You’re It

Despite my best intentions, I didn’t make myself actually tag scarves as I finished them. I found the little mind game I played on myself interesting. Since a scarf can’t be tagged before it’s received a final pressing, I stacked them up to press instead of doing the pressing as I went along. Did some […]

Custom Handwoven Shawl

Unlike some of the weavers I know, I’m happy to take orders for custom weaving. Usually the order is for something I’ve made before or something close to it.

For instance, I’ve had special orders for a solid black rayon chenille scarf of a particular size, a solid white one without fringe, a cotton […]

I’m honored

Meg Nakagawa, a weaver in Nelson, New Zealand, blogs at Unravelling. Her life is quite different from mine, so I enjoy reading about her weaving, her family, and her community.

Meg has organized a variety of weaving challenges/exchanges over the years. Although the timing has never been right for me to participate, I know that […]

More Braided Twill

Since I had the Macomber treadles tied up for braided twill and my feet knew the treadling pattern after the baby blanket, I decided to prepare a warp for some braided twill scarves.

I chose an 8/2 black rayon for the warp, intending on weaving three different colors of weft.

First was a red […]