More Braided Twill

Since I had the Macomber treadles tied up for braided twill and my feet knew the treadling pattern after the baby blanket, I decided to prepare a warp for some braided twill scarves.

braided twill on loom

I chose an 8/2 black rayon for the warp, intending on weaving three different colors of weft.

First was a red purple 8/2 tencel from WEBS. (The color in the photo below is correct, not the one above on the loom.) Lovely sheen, great drape, nice color purple. But the purple and black don’t have enough contrast to show that braided twill pattern off clearly.

purple braided twill handwoven scarf

So for the second scarf I chose an 8/2 tencel azure, again from WEBS. I particularly like this one.

azure braided twill handwoven scarf

I’ve done some studies in black & white before, and thought it was time again, so I picked a 6/2 off-white bamboo.

handwoven scarf white braided twill

I didn’t think the difference between 8/2 and 6/2 would be noticeable. Ditto the difference between rayon and bamboo.

In this particular case, I was wrong. You can’t really tell from the photos, but the black & white scarf is substantially thicker and has both less drape and sheen than the rayon ones. If you only feel the bamboo, it’s fine; it’s only in comparison to the rayon ones that the difference is obvious.

I’ve successfully interchanged rayon and bamboo before, and different sizes of yarn, so it must be this particular bamboo and this particular rayon. The WEBS yarn is really lovely, and I don’t remember where I got the bamboo, but I remember it was on sale–maybe there was a good reason for that?

Regardless, these three scarves were successful, but I’m tired of braided twill, and the Macomber, for now. Moving on….

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