I’m ready

That room may not look impressive to you, but it does to me. Yes, there are still things in boxes around the edges, but that’s only because I don’t have any place to store them. Yet.

This is the room that I made jewelry in for more than a decade. I haven’t yet given […]

Men At Work

It’s been a very busy spring & summer at my house. Men have been here doing work of one type or another pretty consistently.

After living with a not-so-prolific spring as my water source for 23 years, I decided to have a well dug. This meant big, heavy equipment making lots of noise in […]

Silk Lace Handwoven Scarves

Back in May I wove some lace ‘checkerboard’ scarves in bamboo. Although I called it huck at the time, it’s not really. It’s a Swedish lace. I’m certain that’s neither important nor meaningful to anyone but a weaver.

Anyway, I liked the way the scarves looked even if the checkerboard pattern only showed up if […]

Lemon Chiffon Handwoven Scarves

Like most weavers, I have quite a stash of yarns.

When I’m at a show (not very common for me) and I see yarn I like at a good price, I buy it. Then I come home and have to put it away, and sometimes forget about it. Months later I’m looking in one […]

A little of this, a little of that

Laura Fry, a talented weaver who’s happy to share her expertise, just put out another publication — A Good Yarn: Cotton. Complete with actual weaving samples, 10 each in both pre- and post-finishing states, A Good Yarn is a wealth of information, predominantly information that isn’t available elsewhere. No one denies that. Some people, however […]