I Have A Valet

I hear what you’re thinking…”Peg has a VALET? I thought she lived ‘the simple life’.”

But it’s true. I have a valet. Built it myself. No, it’s not a robot that responds to my beck and call, it’s a warping valet.

What, you may ask, is a warping valet? It’s a tool that’s designed […]

Neck warmers

Trust me, I know it’s important to be consistent with my blogging. Important to my readers, important to my business, important to my structured-ness.

I try to be. I really do. Then I get so busy I barely have time to go to the bathroom, much less blog. And if that’s not bad enough, […]

My Morning Walk

Every morning I take a walk up my dirt road with my little dog. We walk just under two miles. We used to walk just over two miles until some people moved in with BIG territorial dogs. Now we turn around at the power pole before their house, which is off to the right behind […]