This week’s photo challenge from Carmi is big. I was torn between a few pictures, and finally settled on this. My son, his bloodhound Dixie, my friend Margaret, and I visited this very cool geologic phenomenon near me last summer, Rock City. We didn’t have quite as long as we would have liked there because […]

Perseids Winner

Valerie, from Lewis Run, PA, won the August contest, and the Perseids handmade earrings are on their way to her.

Be sure to watch for the September contest — I’ll be announcing it soon.

Visiting Baxter

On Sunday my family had a little get-together in Rochester, at at my grandson’s house. Ok, my daughter really owns the house, but Baxter rules it.

Since they’d had such a good time playing in the country, my little guy, Red, wanted to visit Bax’s in the city, even if it meant putting up with […]

Flying Away

This time of year, I’m always focused on my next show. What do I need to make to have the stock I want to be ready for my next show? How many days/weeks do I have to make them? Since there’s never enough time to make everything I’d like to have on hand, I have […]

Borrowed Loom

I love my little, vintage, handmade, counterbalance loom. It’s quiet, it’s easy to operate, and it pleases me greatly. It does have its limitations, however. One being that it has a maximum weaving width of 26″, resulting in a finished maximum width of about 23″. That’s why I figured how to do the doubleweave, so […]