4 more shawls

Picture the golden glow of an Autumn evening, balanced by the colors of turning oaks, maples, and birches. Add the sheen and drape of rayon chenille, a luxurious 24″ wide and 72″ long, and here’s what you have.

Above is the shawl with a light weft, the same golden color as is on the […]

Little Audrey & me

Remember Little Shop of Horrors? Are you a fan of the original 1960 version or the 1986 musical remake with Rick Moranis? (The links are to Youtube videos of the Feed Me scenes.) When the original came out I was only 8, and my middle sister, who I idolized, thrilled in scaring me with Friday […]


My last show was really marvelous. In addition to a few odds and ends, I sold an amazing 9 shawls and 21 scarves. WOW! So now I need to weave more things so I’ll have plenty of stock for my next shows. Fortunately I have until mid-September to prepare. But being a good obsessive-compulsive, I […]

Outside interest

Despite the summer’s remarkable heat and drought in the northeast, I still spend quite a bit of time outside. Mostly early in the morning on my walks. One of the places I walk most days is down this shady path. It’s so pleasant.

Not so pleasant, when I left the house the other morning […]

Dyed scarves, cotton & silk

Time gets away from me. I thought I’d show you the finished ombre-dyed scarves on the 2nd or 3rd, and here it is the 7th. No matter; it’s not like you were hanging by a thread (pun intended) waiting.

So even after ‘curing’ on the heating pad overnight, both the blue and the red scarf […]