Sweet Dreams, Little Man

My grandson has been having some problems with nightmares lately. My daughter, queen of research, learned that it’s not uncommon at his age. She also learned that the reason that some little ones have nightmares is that they are developing their creative skills. They are now at an age when they can use their imaginations […]

Gemstone Necklaces

I’ve been making bracelets and necklaces for the past week, and have made great progress. The necklaces photograph better than the bracelets, so that’s what you’ll see here. In some cases the bracelets coordinate with the necklaces, in some cases there’s no connection between the two.

I had three lovely, tear-shaped pieces of turquoise. I […]

Still Making Jewelry

I’ll be mostly working on jewelry for the next few weeks.

Once again, I’m really glad that I keep all my business records on QuickBooks; with a few clicks of the mouse, I could pull up a report from last year’s sales at Letchworth to give me some idea of how many pieces I […]

Citrine Necklace and Bracelet

I liked the green garnet necklace so well that I just had to use the design for more than one necklace. I had some lovely citrine beads in that same pleasing flat oval shape, so modified the necklace slightly by using 14 karat gold-filled wire instead of the sterling silver.

Since I didn’t have […]

Green Garnet Necklace

Although the overwhelming majority of my time this year has been spent weaving, for my September and October shows I was showing both weaving and jewelry. I hadn’t really made any jewelry this year, so needed to get those creative juices flowing. I started by making some simple pieces, and then moved on to new […]