Garnet Weddings

When I was a girl the nuns taught us that red was the passion color. We were not allowed to have red & white checked tablecloths on the tables at our high school dances, nor to wear red dresses, for fear that we would stir our teenage dates into states of love that could not […]

Healing Gemstones-Rainbow Flourite

Several colors of fluorite

I enjoy working with good quality rainbow fluorite. I find its transparent colors very attractive and appealing. I had used it many times before I realized that there really isn’t any such thing as “rainbow” fluorite – there’s green fluorite, yellow fluorite, purple fluorite, and clear fluorite. When they’re mixed together […]

Leopardskin Jasper – a Healing Gemstone

I know I’m late, that I should have posted this at least a week ago, but time sure flies these days. Anyway, I promised you a post on the healing qualities of leopardskin jasper since that’s the gemstone in the free earrings in June’s giveaway contest, so here you go.

Before I talk specifically about […]

My Knees Are Better!

I’ve been carrying my healing talisman for my knees during all my waking hours for three weeks now, and all I can say is, “WOW!”

My knees feel SO much better!

Now, I can’t claim that use of the talisman deserves all the credit, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s at least […]

Easing the Knees

My arthritis talisman

Here’s the talisman I made for myself to help ease the chronic aches in my knees.

You can guess that the metal is copper, which has long been recognized as a healing agent for arthritis. I punched the little tab with the word SHANTI, which means peace, hoping that it would bring […]