Missouri Loom Set Up

Lee has acquired a new Missouri loom, and like me when I got mine, has lots of questions about how to set it up. Also like me, she’s finding that there isn’t a lot of info available on it, so I’m trying to assist with photos. So many weavers have been so generous with their […]

Golden Maples

I intended to come home from grocery shopping this morning and put a warp of Tammy’s lovely red poinsettia rayon chenille on my loom. But plans change, this time because of nature.

This gorgeous maple tree at the top of my driveway called to me yesterday and again today with its beauty. I love […]

A Long-Legged Visitor

On Friday I stood up from the loom to wind some more bobbins. I turned slightly to the right in getting off the stool and something unusual caught my eye – something big and white where it didn’t belong.

I got my binoculars and saw that it was a great blue heron sitting on top […]

Keep on Learning

I do love to learn new things. I know that sometimes I’m resistant, but that’s usually only when someone else, or life, imposes that learning on me. When it’s my idea, I’m all over it.

When I first learned to weave, taking a total of about 12 hours of classes from a man in […]

New weaving technique

I love learning new things and using new-to-me techniques. It was well over two years ago that I read the Dust Bunnies blog when Ngaire used a clasped weft technique to create a to-die-for scarf. Never heard of the technique, couldn’t imagine how it worked, so let it go.

More than a year later […]