A Long-Legged Visitor

On Friday I stood up from the loom to wind some more bobbins. I turned slightly to the right in getting off the stool and something unusual caught my eye – something big and white where it didn’t belong.

I got my binoculars and saw that it was a great blue heron sitting on top of the arbor by my pond.
heron 1

Herons rarely visit my tiny pond, and I’ve never seen one perched on the arbor before. I wanted to get some pix, but knew I couldn’t open the door or a window – heron’s spook very easily. I was limited to taking pictures through the window and a screen. Less than ideal.

heron 2

I tried a few settings on my camera to get the best photos I could.

heron 3

While I have no idea how long this beautiful bird may have been there before I saw him, he took to wing less than a minute after this last shot.

heron 4

How lucky am I that the bobbin ran out when it did?!

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