Snoozing, Sneezing, & Weaving

My body’s been failing me lately. I had that nasty stomach bug, thankfully short-lived, while I was playing grandma. That post-nasal drip I came home with turned into a full-blown cold within a few days. So my routines changed dramatically, involving LOTS of naps interspersed with spurts of health care.

I was drinking a […]

Make A Mess, Clean It Up

In my experience, a weaver is nothing if not a problem solver. That’s all well and good when I’m learning how to do some new pattern or technique; it’s quite another thing all together when the problem was caused by my own goofiness. That’s what happened today. (Sorry to my non-weaver readers; I use lots […]


As soon as I saw Carmi’s challenge for this week, I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use. I bet most folks couldn’t identify this. It’s handpainted cotton chenille on my warping board, preparing it for weaving.