Snoozing, Sneezing, & Weaving

My body’s been failing me lately. I had that nasty stomach bug, thankfully short-lived, while I was playing grandma. That post-nasal drip I came home with turned into a full-blown cold within a few days. So my routines changed dramatically, involving LOTS of naps interspersed with spurts of health care.
cold treatments

I was drinking a hot tea created by my herbalist friend and loaded with honey, eating raw garlic, downing yogurt, taking zinc & elderberry, drinking orange juice and plenty of water, and using my neti pot. Meanwhile I went through lots of kleenex and kept my throat coated with Vicks and a cloth wrap.

I do believe it was a bad cold, not the flu, and that I’m over the hump with it now. Still if I talk too much (with my now wimpy voice) I get into coughing, so am avoiding conversation. Easy to do when you live alone. My wood stove keeps the house toasty warm but also really dry – I’ve finally smartened up and have a large pot of water steaming on my stove. My house and nose are grateful for every bit of moisture we can absorb during this cold weather.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten a little weaving done. Again I don’t yet have pictures – soon, soon.

Here’s what I’m preparing now.
valet in use

I’m getting the new warp on the Mac – solid natural 8/2 unmercerized cotton – using my warping valet – for the placemat/napkin order. I’m hoping this will all work better than the prior barber pole warp.

Funnily (NOT), as I sat down to write the post I realized that I’ve messed up. Again. My notes from the first warp said that I sett it at 18 ends/inch, and that’s what I wound for. Only now do I realize that my weaving draft shows that I sett it at 21 ends/inch. So I have to measure out & wind on an additional 50 ends. That’d be simple if I had a supplementary beam, but of course I don’t. I’m going to have to work it out with a fake beam I’m creating from a big, heavy cardboard tube. I’m going to use Sandra Rude’s method – hope it works!

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