What I’ve been up to

I spent much of today on that little project. Went to the nursery as planned, and spent quite a bit of time looking for and then choosing the plants I wanted, thanks to the helpful greenhouse manager at Grossman’s Garden Center. I bought more tomato plants than I’d intended. Oh well. So I dug […]

Now I know

I’ve learned many new things in the past several days. Here are some of them.

I will close on my new house on Thursday, August 6. On that day I’ll go to Lowes to buy a frig (not included in my new house) and Sleep City to buy a mattress (not moving my old […]


Although most trees have already lost their leaves, a few things in my yard are just now putting on their shows.

Here’s a spirea, flaming color at the top.

Ignore the power poles and line in this photo (should have taken it from someplace else) and just focus on that Bradford pear tree. Deep […]


Here’s the binding after I re-sewed it. I haven’t pressed it yet; it will look even better after that.

Plus….I was able to weave 80″ of YF”s wrap today without a hitch. WHEW!!! Disaster averted!

In order to make sure the Tasmanian devil didn’t strike again, every time the warp needed to be […]

Moving on

I got 10 twill towels off the loom today. They need to be separated, hemmed, washed, dried, & pressed, but that doesn’t have to happen immediately – I’ll just run a quick machine stitch on the first edge since I didn’t make enough of a header to trust it hanging around for long.

Then […]