blanket with binding

Here’s the binding after I re-sewed it. I haven’t pressed it yet; it will look even better after that.

Plus….I was able to weave 80″ of YF”s wrap today without a hitch. WHEW!!! Disaster averted!

In order to make sure the Tasmanian devil didn’t strike again, every time the warp needed to be advanced, which is every 2-3″, instead of using the brake release from the front of the loom, I released the tension, got up, went to the back of the loom, and unwound a few inches from there. Tedious and time consuming, but so much better for my brain.

Tried to get a good photo, but the color’s so bad I couldn’t even put it up here.

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  • Love the blues. Weaving eighty inches is a huge accomplishment considering all that’s being juggled right now. Good on you for getting up every time-seems like that is what was needed.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Lynda. I learned long ago that every weaver – at least every weaver living in the sticks – has to be a problem solver. Why is my loom doing that? How can I fix that problem in the warp? What am I doing wrong that my pattern isn’t working out? As Gilda Radner said, “It’s always something.”

      Maybe the next thing I can solve is getting the colors right when I try to shoot something on the loom. 🙂

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