Two Faces of R

My kids and I celebrated Easter several weeks late this year, ‘cuz that’s when it worked for all of us. So I got to spend a day & half with my sweet little grandson again. And joy of joys, he was well so I came home well, too!

R is generally a happy little boy. […]

Towel Exchange Follow Up

I just realized that although I showed you the towels I made for the exchange, I never showed you the terrific towels I got back. I’m always impressed with the work of other weavers. I’d like to honor them by giving their names, but I’ve decided that I can only responsibly do so when the […]

April 23 or February 23?

This is what my burning bush looked like when I woke up this morning. I realize that you have little frame of reference for this bush that’s taller than my 5’2″ height, but if you look carefully, you can see my metal plant supports in the foreground – the tallest one is about 18″ […]

Weaving with the stash

I’ve made some ‘ahem’ interesting yarn purchases. Sometimes in person, sometimes over the internet. They may sit in my stash for a long time before I figure out what to do with them, or even decide that it’s time to weave a sample and see if I like it. That’s what these scarves were all […]

Working hard, but not weaving

I’ve just spent three days on tasks essential to my weaving business, but not actually weaving.

First, you know all those newly-woven scarves and shawls I’ve been posting here on my blog since early January? Yeah, well, they were all sitting in nice, neat piles on my dining room table, waiting to be tagged and […]