Weaving Tools

Those may look like non-traditional weaving tools, but trust me, they are essential when you’re warping with tram silk.

Tram has lots of sheen and very little twist, and mine, purchased from Lunatic Fringe Yarns at last year’s MAFA conference, is really fine. (Maybe tram always is, I don’t know.) It sat in under […]

Rayon Rainbows

I was in a shawl mode with the silk & linen ones, so decided to make another handwoven shawl. I love my rayon chenille rainbow shawl so much that I decided I’d weave a shawl for summer weight. I have lots of colors of rayon, plus plenty of black, so I set up the loom […]

Opposites attract

I’ve been on a quest, and I still am. I want to find a silk, already dyed, in roughly a 30/2 size with a great sheen. I can occasionally find a 30/2 undyed, and can always buy undyed silk both larger and smaller sizes – sometimes with sheen, and can usually buy silk that has […]

Handwoven Gems

My next batch of handwoven scarves was Tammy’s Gems colorway in a bamboo-cotton blend. I don’t think I’ve used this one before, but I’ll definitely use it again. I love the colors!

I use so much of her hand painted yarn, but I think not everyone knows what that means, or how it happens. Here’s […]

Saturated Colors

My last batch of the hand painted bamboo-tencel blend yarn is Tammy’s North Shore. Again, I’ve used this colorway before, and I like it.

This time I remembered to make a simple threading pattern – just a large point twill.

First handwoven scarf (top)- yep, I stuck with the variegation for weft, too.

Green […]