Warm Heads, Warm Hearts

I know that the old saying is really warm hands, warm hearts, but for my Christmas giving this year, I modified it to hats. Starting with Rusty’s three hats, I was in the hat-making zone. And enjoying it.

Amanda saw a pattern she loved for a 16-cable hat. While international issues made getting the pattern […]

Eep eep, quack quack

Now that the gifts have been given, I can do the Christmas gift reveals.

Back in June, before Rusty was even born, Amanda told me that he needed hats for Christmas. She even sent me a link to an Etsy seller who would sell me patterns that she liked. I went ahead and purchased the […]

True Confessions

Hello. My name is Peg and I’m a nag. At this age, much less so than previously, and of course only when I’m right (grin), but still, I’m a nag.

I fear Margaret bears the brunt of my nagging. She puts up with it gracefully, knowing that sometimes she’s in need of nagging.

When […]


It’s pretty common that I’m asked how to wear one of my scarves. I always have one on at shows, and I’m always happy to demonstrate, although I use simple styles. A few months ago my daughter sent me a link to a YouTube video with many variations on a theme. I’ve sent the link […]

Snowman Show

I combine efforts with a group of local artists and crafters to hold a holiday show every December. Each year, our marketing efforts are improved, there’s more going on in town, and the crowds get a little better. This year was the best show ever for me, and for some of the others, too. Our […]