The Year That Was, Part I

The holidays aren’t even over yet, and I can’t express how great they’ve already been. My family was all together for the first time in years, and we had a wonderful time. Friends gathering added to the pleasure. After all, is there anything more important than family & friends? I think not.

I like […]

Christmas Weaving Revealed

Now that all the weaving gifts have been opened, I can share with you what I made this year for family and friends. You already saw the handwoven rayon chenille throw that I made for my friends. This was the last gift finished and opened. First opened (but not necessarily first finished) were the scarves […]

Have Yourself A Doggy Little Christmas

Michael & Dixie have been visiting for a few days now. I’m always really happy to see them, although I admit that I enjoy Michael a bit more than Dixie. He doesn’t slobber, or pee in the house even if he’s really excited, and it’s a pleasure going for a walk with him. 🙂

Before […]

Christmas Memories Uncovered

I have long known that memories are fallible. Very fallible. If asked about my memories posted here, I’ve been clear that these are how I remember things, and my two sisters may remember differently.

Today I celebrated Christmas with those two sisters and their families. Alma, the eldest, had read my Christmas eve blog post […]

Christmas Toy Box

Early in our marriage, we spent a few years of tubular living. Our trailer 12′ x 60′ with an 8×10 push-out addition. This is not a lot of space for two adults, a baby, and two St. Bernards.

When Amanda was a toddler, she was very prone to ear infections. These frequently went from she […]