Have Yourself A Doggy Little Christmas

Michael & Dixie have been visiting for a few days now. I’m always really happy to see them, although I admit that I enjoy Michael a bit more than Dixie. He doesn’t slobber, or pee in the house even if he’s really excited, and it’s a pleasure going for a walk with him. 🙂

Before they arrived I had a chat with Red. Last time Dixie was here she kind of ran roughshod over him. I told him that this time he should remember that he’s older and it’s his house, so he should establish his seniority over her. I fear he took me a little bit too seriously.

Outside the two of them are fine. Inside, they get along okay as long as there’s no food involved, but both get possessive about eating, and sometimes even about food dishes being on the floor.

dog with rawhide boneAt one point Dixie scrounged up an OLD rawhide bone from somewhere. This thing had been hiding in my house for at least four years. She brought it into the living room and was happily chewing away on this dried piece of old leather.

Now, Red’s a picky eater, a dog who’s particular about his treats. He never even once chewed on a rawhide. But as soon as Dixie got up for a drink of water, Red went and picked up that rawhide and said, “This is my house, this is my rawhide and you can’t have it. It doesn’t matter that I don’t want the stupid bone. What matters is that you don’t have it.” Red defended that bone with growls and snaps anytime Dixie came within 5 feet of him. Eventually I took it away and put it on the top of the refrigerator where no one would have it.

Michael did bring one of Dixie’s beds up with him, but Dixie didn’t like it. Never once saw her lay down in it. Red’s bed, however, was quite suitable to her. She has literally spent hours curled up in it. big dog in tiny bed

Did I mention that Red’s a 16-pound Lowchen and Dixie’s an 85-pound Bloodhound?

Later, when Dixie went to visit her Rottie friend, Red decided he’d snooze in her bed.
little dog in big bed

We’ve also had great fun visiting with Baxter, my Tibetan Terrier grandson. He’ll sleep anywhere, although Amanda’s lap is a favorite bed when he’s not at home.
Baxter's tired

Visiting up at Amanda & Ryan’s, we had not 3 dogs, but 4! They were dog sitting for Dante, a 115-pound blue Great Dane. Dante & Dixie had great fun slobbering all over each other as they wrestled in the backyard. (Why didn’t I snap a picture of that?!) Baxter wanted a piece of that action, but Red just wanted to come inside away from those two horses.

After spending a night up there, Red was more comfortable playing in the yard with his canine buds. Besides, Dante was at home, so there was only Baxter and Dixie. It had rained all night and morning, so by the time those dogs came inside, all 3 needed a bath. Baxter and Dixie each got one; Red’s a country guy who doesn’t get that many baths; he just got a good toweling off. All dogs took long naps.

There are other dog stories from this visit, but they’re not in a very holiday vein, so I’m not telling them. At least not right now.

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