Christmas Memories Uncovered

I have long known that memories are fallible. Very fallible. If asked about my memories posted here, I’ve been clear that these are how I remember things, and my two sisters may remember differently.

Today I celebrated Christmas with those two sisters and their families. Alma, the eldest, had read my Christmas eve blog post and told me that I remembered Mom’s Christmas stocking wrong. “Yeah?” I said. “What do you think they were like?”

Alma reached into her bag and said, “This.”
Christmas stocking

Trust me, Alma didn’t whip this stocking up. This is her original stocking. As soon as I saw it, I said, “Oh, yeah! I remember them now! They’re just like Mom’s napkins & table runner that I have!”
Christmas napkins

But I would have sworn they were calico. Huh.

Alma then said, “I don’t remember any toothbrushes, either.”

Since she was clearly dead on with the stockings, I’m betting she’s right about the toothbrushes, too. I guess it was Peg/Mom who came up with that particular utilitarian tradition. Go figure.

We both agreed, however, that Judy was mistaken when, after NOT having read my earlier post, she told a story about how she got this ballerina music box for Christmas and knocked it over and it started playing. That was MY music box. Both Alma & Judy assured me I would NOT have gone and woken up Mom, however, as that would have meant certain tongue lashing.

So who knows how that scenario really ended?

Your turn – Share one of your holiday memories, whether or not it’s family-tested.

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Christmas stockings

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