On This & That

For the past 2 days I spent most of my time & energy working a fundraiser for my local library. Took time off my paycheck job to do this volunteer job. Today I needed to do lots of odds & ends of things.

I balanced two checkbooks and paid a mess of bills. I […]

Nearing the end

I simply can’t get the colors to be even close to real life. Must be those compact fluorescent bulbs I use. Doesn’t matter what my camera’s set at, the color’s off.

Anyway, N wanted me to change the treadling pattern for 2″ in the middle of her wrap. Not a problem. (Actually, AT did […]


I don’t want to say this too loudly and jinx it, but you see that floating selvedge on the right side of my warp? It’s the same thread I started with more than 220″ ago. For lots of people that’d be no big deal. But for me, as I reported recently, it’s huge.

It […]

Love is a many colored wrap

That’s a view I rarely get on my loom — looking through a warp that’s fully beamed and threaded through the heddles. I’ve not yet tied it to the front apron so the light is able to move through places it can’t usually. The colors are completely off, but I liked the shot anyway.


Finishing and Starting

The day was nice enough this morning for me to get some more outside work done. I spent about 3 hours outside yesterday, half of it weeding and half turning my compost. Or attempting to turn the compost.

The bottom half of my compost was frozen solid. Given the way my compost bin works (3 […]