Napkin Exchange – the Finale

I finally received my nine napkins in the International Napkin Exchange. I planned ahead and wove mine during my least busy months, sending them in months before they were due. So I had to wait a long time to get my return napkins.

My napkins came from relatively new weavers and weavers who’ve been weaving […]

Summer & Winter Handwoven Napkins

I’m FINALLY able to share the results of my handwoven napkins for the International Napkin Exchange.

I wove 10 napkins. All have the same white warp, and all have the same summer & winter block design. Summer & winter means that’s what’s dark on one side is light on the other. The term came from […]

Weaving Napkins

After finally figuring out how to draft a design in block theory, I spent a long time designing my actual napkins for the International Napkin Exchange. I wanted to do something with a sort of architectural feel to it, something that reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s sensibilities. This sounded relatively straightforward to me. HAH!


“When the student is ready…

…the teacher will appear.”

It’s a pretty famous Buddhist saying. And it just became real for me.

When I posted my 2010 wannas, one of the things I mentioned was that I wanted to learn new weaving techniques. And that I’d joined a Su Butler’s napkin exchange as one concrete strategy to help me do […]

Napkin Exchange

Tick tock says the clock.

Where DOES the time go?

Back in my new year’s wannas, I mentioned that I’ve joined a napkin exchange as a way to expand my weaving skills. I said I’d tell more about that later, and intended to return to the topic within a week. Well here it […]