Hand Made Braided Scarves

Back in September I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. I’d wanted to go for the last few years, but had always done a show the same weekend. This year I decided not to do that show. (Not because I wanted to go to the Fiber Festival. I decided that show was no longer […]

Saving A Shawl

Last summer I wove a shawl from a semi-heavy white cotton, using an all-over huck pattern in a way that created what I call window panes. That was fine, except that it’s difficult to be sure you’re not making any treadling errors as you’re weaving.

When it came off the loom and was wet finished, […]

Cotton Flannel Shawls

At the Kenan show I sold 2 shawls and donated a 3rd as a door prize. I only had one shawl left, so making some more was a big priority before the Roycroft.

As soon as I got home I ordered some lovely undyed silk, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and won’t get here in […]

Handwoven Shawls

I know it’s only August, but out here in the sticks our evenings are already getting chilly. Fall is in the air at night, and sometimes even during the day. So I figured it was time to weave some more shawls. Since summer will last another month, I didn’t want to make anything too heavy […]

Handwoven Shawl

I recently finished a beautiful handwoven shawl. Made from rayon chenille hand painted by Tammy, I’m really happy with the overall appearance of this shawl. The rich, saturated gemtones are pretty much my favorite colors.

This will go up on my website soon, but I’m betting I’ll get a much bigger reaction at shows. […]