Saving A Shawl

Last summer I wove a shawl from a semi-heavy white cotton, using an all-over huck pattern in a way that created what I call window panes. That was fine, except that it’s difficult to be sure you’re not making any treadling errors as you’re weaving.

When it came off the loom and was wet finished, my errors were clear, and, to me, glaring. I did some needle weaving to correct some, but others were simply not fixable. It made me hate the whole piece. So I sure wasn’t going to offer it for sale.

My sister had seen it however, and wanted me to bring it to a summer show this year. In order for me to even consider it, I had to pull it back out and think about how I could make it ok. I decided some subtle beadwork might do the trick.
beaded shawl

I wrapped each row that contained errors with small, transparent glass beads with an aurora borealis finish. Then, of course, I had to add some beadwork on rows that didn’t have errors to make it look cohesive. I picked the rows rather randomly; since I couldn’t make it symmetrical, choose artsy.

I spent far too long on the bead work, and this shawl will never be my favorite, but at least I’m no longer embarrassed by it. I think it will suit someone to a T. Time will tell.

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