If at first you don’t succeed…

This rayon shawl has given me lots of experience in trying again. I’m aiming for it to be my last jury piece for the year, so it’s really important to me that I get it right. (That waves piece isn’t going to show well, even in a frame.) I planned for a warp of 4 […]

Waves off loom

Today I wove that last foot or so of the waves and cut the piece off the loom. I decided I couldn’t decide if this was good enough for a jury until I get it framed. There’s enough length for 3 sections. The first section I wove is just not very dramatic.

The […]


I have one more hands-on jury piece to weave. I had 4 ideas: one I needed to order a cone of rayon to implement, two I thought would require a few tries to get it right, and one that I thought I could implement relatively quickly. So I ordered that cone of yarn and while […]

Switching it up

The weaving went smoothly for the black weft. The second wrap on TA’s warp is white Egyptian cotton. Here I’m changing colors.

Just before this shot I had a period of panic. I should have had 2 tubes of the white yarn, but had only 1. I checked the invoice – yep, only […]

Darn it!

I didn’t see this mistake while I was threading the reed. Or while I was tying on to the front apron. Not until I wove the first pattern, at which point it became glaringly obvious. This warp is threaded at 24 ends per inch, 2 per dent in my 12 dent reed. But there […]