Waves off loom

Today I wove that last foot or so of the waves and cut the piece off the loom. I decided I couldn’t decide if this was good enough for a jury until I get it framed. There’s enough length for 3 sections. The first section I wove is just not very dramatic.

section 1 of wavy weaving

The middle section is the best part for sure.

2nd section of wavy weaving

The last section, where I tried to be more irregular in the weaving, looks pretty awful without the tension of the loom.

3rd section wavy weaving

Given how this looks I decided I had to weave the other piece that I thought might be jury-worthy before I do that next baby wrap warp. Otherwise I’ll be too mentally distracted when I do the baby wraps, and that’s what leads to mistakes. Besides, the shawl warp won’t take that much time…fewer total threads and less length. I gotta do what I gotta do.

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