Decoration fun

Last night 5 women and I created wreaths from all-natural (ok, almost all natural if you’re going to be picky) decorations and a hand-tied bow. They are all beautiful! If I had taken the time to shoot them against a neutral background, instead of on top of the newspaper used to protect the tables, you’d […]

November work

I don’t know how so much time goes by between my posts.

Wait, yes I do. I’m busy weaving, volunteering, babysitting, dancing, playing fetch with Jack, and making Christmas presents. But who isn’t busy? And when was I not busy? I’d like to promise I’ll do better in the future, but I learned a hundred […]

Weavers’ Guild Holiday Sale

I’ll have 2 shawls, 3 scarves, 10 towels, and 20 packages of buttons at this year’s Weavers’ Guild of Rochester Holiday Sale. Stop by on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to see work from 50 other members, as well as my things. There will be weavers, felters, knitters, tatters, and other fiber-related artists. You’ll find everything […]