Decoration fun

Last night 5 women and I created wreaths from all-natural (ok, almost all natural if you’re going to be picky) decorations and a hand-tied bow. They are all beautiful! If I had taken the time to shoot them against a neutral background, instead of on top of the newspaper used to protect the tables, you’d be able to appreciate them more.

Amanda’s wreath

Bonnie’s wreath

Jennifer’s wreath

Susie’s wreath

Jean’s wreath

Peg’s wreath

5 comments to Decoration fun

  • Judy T

    Just lovely Peg! Each and every one! I decorated my wreaths already but yours with the natural ornaments are really something special!

  • Alma

    Wow – milk weed pods, maple spinners, Japanese lanterns, plaids, golds, stripes, reindeers . . . you folks about covered it. Gorgeous results!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa & Cindie. This is an activity I’ve done for years — used to be a major fundraiser when I worked for the Nature Center – we’d decorated 300+ every year, so 6 is a piece of cake. 🙂

    I saw those wreaths at Trader Joe’s, too. They are much smaller than the ones we use, which are roughly 24″ diameter.

  • Those are all incredible – what fun!
    I gave thought to foraging on the property to make a swag for the gate and then saw them for very few dollars at Trader Joe’s and decided maybe next year I’d make one…..maybe next year I’ll be creative like you 6.

  • Even on the newspaper, tons of appreciation for those lovely wreaths!

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