November work

I don’t know how so much time goes by between my posts.

Wait, yes I do. I’m busy weaving, volunteering, babysitting, dancing, playing fetch with Jack, and making Christmas presents. But who isn’t busy? And when was I not busy? I’d like to promise I’ll do better in the future, but I learned a hundred years ago when I taught preschool not to make either promises or threats that I’m not prepared to keep. So anyway, here’s a post.

I started with the cotton & vintage synthetic warp.

cotton-rayon warp on back beam

I couldn’t find the same ‘bumpy’ yarn I used the first time, so used Queen Anne’s Lace yarn from Henry’s Attic. Although not as pleasing to me, it’s fine. After I wound that warp I didn’t have enough of the synthetic yarn left to weave both shawls, so I used shell Tencel with the Queen Anne’s Lace yarn, measuring how much I used in grams.

Queen Anne's Lace shawl

Then I knew that I did, in fact, have enough of the vintage synthetic yarn to weave the second shawl. I paired it with the same 8/2 cotton I’d used for the warp, just like I had the first time around. Beautiful and lovely, if I do say so myself.

smooth cotton & synthetic shawl

Using two shuttles, these shawls are slow weaving. I was alternately frustrated and in the mode, so decided I’d weave 2 more of the piano scarves I’d woven a few years ago, also slow weaving since they are clasped weft. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Ngaire at Dust Bunnies Under My Loom for the concept several years ago, long before I’d even heard of clasped weft. She puts hers on Etsy, so I won’t do that; since it is basically her design I will only sell them at local shows.

piano scarves, 2017

Note: Finishing these piano scarves will only bring me to 4 pieces for the month. And I’d like to weave 2 more rayon chenille shawls, since I sold a few and want at least one more each for the Copper Shop gallery and my winter show. IF I can do them before the end of the month, what with Thanksgiving and all, I MIGHT get to my goal of 6 this month. See how it goes?

I’ve also been doing a lot of dyeing – both hand painting and immersion dyeing, but not yarn. Instead, I’m making Christmas presents, so don’t want to share too much here, but I’ll give you a taste of the fun I’ve had.

Lots of dyed things

For those who asked, I did fine at this year’s Guild Holiday Sale, selling 1 scarf, 1 shawl, 8 of my packages of buttons, and all 10 towels. That will inform me for next year, too.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking a class on fitting a standard pattern to my body. This is much needed, and will encourage/allow me to use my handwoven for clothing. And to sew a few things from commercial fabric, too.

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