Weaving with Cashmere & Silk

Thanks to my daughter, I recently decided to try some weaving in a cashmere silk blend. I ordered two different colors in a very fine yarn, actually a thread, since it’s 6,000 yards per pound. The colors are really beautiful — a deep, dark, purple like the royals used to wear, and an earthy, coppery […]

Cluster Flies

If you live in the city, chances are you never even heard of cluster flies. But if you live in the sticks, well, they’re just part of your life.

For reasons that are beyond me, cluster flies have window preferences. In my house, they really like my bedroom window best of all. It faces […]

Bamboo Log Cabin

A few years ago when I first saw a scarf handwoven in a log cabin pattern, it blew me away. It was completely beyond me how this pattern could possibly be done. I spoke with the weaver, who insisted it was really easy. Huh.

I could see that it was a tabby weave, but how […]

Weaving Blue Violet Scarves

I’m still working on bamboo cotton handwoven scarves. I really like this colorway of Tammy’s, which she calls Blue Violet. And it sure is. It even includes a nice deep green like the leaves of a violet. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Again, I wove each of the scarves on this warp slightly differently. Â On the […]

Moccasin Handwoven Scarves

Yikes! How has a whole week gone by without me posting?! Trust me, I have been keeping busy.

I was babysitting for my grand-dog for a week while my daughter was out of town. Baxter kept us all amused for 5 of the 6 days he was with us. Then he got bored and we […]