Moccasin Handwoven Scarves

Yikes! How has a whole week gone by without me posting?! Trust me, I have been keeping busy.

I was babysitting for my grand-dog for a week while my daughter was out of town. Baxter kept us all amused for 5 of the 6 days he was with us. Then he got bored and we (ok, I) got cranky. One of my tasks while he was here was daily posts to his blog. I actually enjoyed that task, but guess I wasn’t keeping up with mine at the same time.

I did get weaving accomplished, too.
Handwoven bamboo cotton scarves
Still working on Tammy’s hand painted bamboo-cotton blends, I made four handwoven scarves in a colorway she calls Moccasin.  Nice earthy colors.  As is common for me, each of the four scarves is a bit different, although they all have the same warp.  On the left, I used a 100% bamboo yarn in coral as the weft.  With the variegated background, the final effect is somewhat tapestry-like.  And that scarf is now about 85% bamboo and 15% cotton.

The middle scarf has the same warp and weft.  Woven in a diamond twill, the same pattern as the one with the coral bamboo, the weave pattern pretty much disappears in this one.

On the right is a tabby handwoven scarf with a solid tan weft.  Although the tabby makes it a bit less flexible than the scarves woven in twill,  I like the simple, natural look of this one a lot.  Perhaps the best.

handwoven infinity scarfThe final scarf on that warp is also handwoven in a tabby, this time with a solid medium weft. I made this one into an infinity scarf. I really like the flexibility of the bamboo cotton and how well it twists around my neck.

Your turn – what have you been up to for the past week?

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