Still lost

I’ve continued to get lost in process, spending hours on tasks, mostly enjoying them, also mostly needing to change from one to another and back again for a variety of reasons, generally related to my body. It can take just so much of things before I have to switch. Not sure what to show you […]

Getting lost in the process

There have been several times lately when I’ve gotten lost in the process of making things. Spending hours doing things, mostly enjoying them.

First, I noted recently that Jack has been limping again. So I needed to take action. 1st was limiting the length of his walks even more. 2nd was calling the vet for […]

Mama said

Yesterday was a challenging day for sure. Forgot my Fitbit on my dresser in the morning. Picked up my new MacBook, loaded with all my data, and had to stand at the Genius Bar for more than an hour while they got all my many hundreds of photos to be accessible. Tried to weave […]

Update x 3

The calendar said April but it was still winter outside.

Inside the studio, it was all spring. The colors of these wraps are so positive and cheerful.

LV received her wrap on Wednesday, and immediately did a tandem wrap with her daughter and a friend!

On another front entirely, I completed my […]