Beading Intermission

While I was waiting to hear from my first sample-testing-mama about the wrap, I decided I’d make a beaded ornament. I haven’t made any since last year, and then I didn’t have time to make any real fancy ones. I like to have them for the December Roycroft show.

While there are similarities for […]

2012 Victorian Christmas Ornaments

As planned, for the past two weeks I’ve focused most of my time on creating new Victorian Christmas ornaments. I made four new ones, which doesn’t seem like many till you realize that each one is individually designed, meaning that many hours go into working out the number of beads in each section, the order […]

2 New Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Amid weaving in preparation for the Roycroft Winter Show, I did manage to get two new Victorian Christmas ornaments made.

I’ve always liked the ornaments that I make in a combination of silver & gold, and apparently my customers do, too, since I’ve sold them. So I started by making a new double swag ornament […]

Weaving with Steel

WHAT?! Weaving with steel?! Yeah, I was trying to be smart – not too successfully, I fear. Steel is the main color in the warp of this rayon chenille handwoven shawl.

I had an order for a custom shawl made predominantly from the Steel yarn, but I wound a few strands of Starlight in […]

More Victorian Ornaments

I can weave some now, but not for hours at a time. When I need to stop and put that leg up, I go back to making my hand beaded Victorian Christmas ornaments.

I just finished these two.

I’m really happy with the ornament on the left, which is over-the-top ornate. I’m calling it […]