I’m in love

I know, I know, I usually love whatever just came off the loom, but this time I think it’s a long-lasting love, not just a passing crush.

In the last post you saw my work hand painting two bouts of yarn – a terra cotta and an intended teal that was actually turquoise. Neither […]

Remembering Mondrian

Sometimes when much of life is completely beyond my control I tend to obsess. One way to combat obsessive thoughts is to occupy my brain with complex tasks that don’t allow much room for other activity. That’s what I did for the past several days.

I’ve long wanted to do a different kind of […]

Treasure pouches, part 2

My goal was to weave the 3 silk scarves in 1 day. HAH! I’m now on day 3 and still have 1 scarf to weave.

One day I spent 4 hours mowing the lawn & wacking the weeds, plus other necessary tasks, so I only got one scarf woven that day.

The next day? […]

Handwoven Baby Blankets, part 3

I promised to show you the four handwoven baby blankets when I finally had the binding on them.

The pink hearts have a pale pink binding, the blue hearts a pale blue binding, and the cranberry & aqua have white binding. I did get these up on my website, as this is the […]

Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts

After I finished making those 4 lovely heart patterned handwoven baby blankets, there was a still a bunch of warp left on the loom. I thought I had enough length to make two table runners, side by side. I didn’t want just plain hearts, so I varied the treadling a little and made hearts that […]