I’m in love

I know, I know, I usually love whatever just came off the loom, but this time I think it’s a long-lasting love, not just a passing crush.

beaming terra cotta & turquoise warp

In the last post you saw my work hand painting two bouts of yarn – a terra cotta and an intended teal that was actually turquoise. Neither was exactly what I’d had in mind, but I was hoping they’d play nicely together for my weaving plan. I was happy with the colors while beaming.

This is a deflected doubleweave structure, so it meant twice as many threads (480) as usual for a scarf, and 2 shuttles to weave. I picked 2 colors of yarn and started weaving. I really like this cool on-the-loom shot.

closeup of terra cotta-turquoise on the loom

As always, although I liked the look on the loom, I couldn’t be positive about the pieces till they were off the loom, fringed, and wet finished. Especially since this was a structure I hadn’t woven before, and the number of threads involved in a narrow piece, I had my fingers crossed that it would work as planned, that the ‘hand’ or drape and feel, would be pleasing, as well as the color choices.

terra cotta turquoise scarf draped

You just have to trust me when I tell you that none of the photos I took show these scarves to their best advantage. I couldn’t get the colors just right. But I know I will be using this scarf for one of my jury photos…I think it’s a show stopper! Sometimes I think it looks like a fish, sometimes like jewelry, sometimes like a watercolor painting with metals in the paint.

terra cotta & turquoise cowl

I used the same light teal for the green-ish/blue-ish weft throughout, but changed the terra cotta warp with each piece. The differences are subtle, and not noticeable unless you see them side by side.

2 terra cotta & turquoise scarves

I will absolutely use this weaving draft again, even though as a 2-shuttle weave it’s slow. So where did I get the draft from? A woman in my Guild bought a scarf and brought it into a weaving class, where she and the teacher analyzed it and wrote out the draft. A third woman wove it up, brought the finished scarf to a Guild meeting where I drooled over it, and later shared the draft with me. Thanks, Toni, Joyce, & Eleanor!!

In other weaving news, I did finish weaving the black and white shawls. Had to get them off the loom to do the terra cotta & turquoise. Just like the scarves, I much prefer the look of the shawl with the white weft. Don’t know how others will feel. I wanted a contrast with the creamy white of the warp yarn and a weft. This isn’t as noticeable as I’d desired, but was the best I could do…mercerized cotton white weft.

white and black shawl

So I’ll finish January with 9 completed pieces. Feeling good about that.

I’ve reconnected with a friend from years ago, and since she’s moved I want to bring her a few towels for her new home. My towel stock was woefully low, so I put a quick warp for just 8 towels on the loom and am weaving them. Towels won’t count in meeting my monthly goals, so I’m mentally planning for February’s weaving while I’m weaving those towels.

9 comments to I’m in love

  • Charlene

    The most interesting deflected double weave I’ve seen. Thank you for weaving it and sharing.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Charlene. I haven’t done any other deflected doubleweave as it doesn’t generally speak to me. This one did.

  • Alma

    Peg – These are GORGEOUS!! They come off as a sort of teal and gold with your camera. I’ll bet they run off your display as soon as they appear!!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Alma. That’s my guess, too, but every time I think that I’m wrong. These will have to be pricey since they are (a) handpainted, (b) have twice as many threads as usual, and (c) are a 2 shuttle-aka slow-weave. So they may not move well. Only time will tell.

  • SO pretty. Reminds me of Morocco!

    • Peg Cherre

      Oooo, Theresa – you’ve been to Morocco. I’m jealous. Sort of. I can’t decide if I want to travel or if I’ll find it too…much. Too long, too stressful, too far, too outside my comfort zone. I do, but then again I don’t. And traveling solo means tour groups for me. Another challenge. I want to get to a place where the decision seems obvious, where I have a travel offer I can’t afford to refuse.

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks Cindie & Judy. These scarves are really great in person, both the look and the feel. Yay!

  • Judy T

    Terra Cotta and Turquoise…. stunning!!!! Love them to pieces!!!!

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