On Fun, and not fun

Fun: taking care of my adorable grandson for 2 days so his parents can have a night away just for themselves. It’s even fun, of a different sort, I admit, when I have to learn how to use their baby carrier so I can carry him around the house all day on Monday because that’s […]

It’s Magic

Magic Kingdom, that is. That was my next choice for weaving scarves. I’d purchased enough of this colorway and its coordinating solids to set up the loom for four scarves, and decided to thread it using the draft I’d just finished with the Cayenne.

The Magic Kingdom yarn is an 8/2 tencel, so it’s […]

Cayenne Scarves

After the Poinsettias, next I wove Tammy’s Cayenne colorway. Despite several attempts at photographing them, and plenty of time spent in Photoshop adjusting the color, I can’t seem to get the colors in the photo to match real life. I have noticed that it tends to be particularly difficult to get red right. I wonder […]

Weaving Poinsettias

I can do many things, but unless we’re talking about either dandelions or daisies, I can’t weave with flowers, as the name of this post might imply.

However, Tammy’s beautiful Poinsettia colorway* is so lovely, I think you’ll forgive me when you see the handwoven scarves I made from her yarn. I couldn’t wait to […]

Handpainted Yarn Arrives

A few weeks ago I ordered many skeins of Tammy’s hand painted yarn so I could weave lots of spring and summer weight scarves. Tammy did her usual marvelous job of dyeing a range of fibers to my specs.

I spent a few hours winding 1/2 of the skeins into balls, an essential step […]